Think forward, embrace beauty, move on and do great.

Think forward, embrace beauty,
move on and do great.

2020, a global pandemic, a challenging year. Challenging but wonderful in terms of transformation at all levels, creativity and digitalization. Tough but putting us all on the way to build back better. It’s been a beautiful year in terms of family, friendship, companionship, health-focus, emotional enrichment, and I’m really grateful and working hard to strengthen myself, my family and teams, and all around us.

In terms of business, I took the chance to expand. I started writing and publishing more, which is something I love, I opened three new businesses and started collaborating with companies in a few consulting and coaching projects. First, as an opportunity to diversify interests and revenues, but thinking in advance that all these businesses have many synergies which allows leveraging cross selling and offer more and better services to clients.

Regarding WIN World, the events company that I founded in 2008, it turned all of its projects into digital ones, adopted new business and working models, gained new partners and things are starting to revamp in a very positive way in this new context. The new companies I am establishing now are The Expression Studio, The Content Studio and The Self-Expansion Studio – and together with WIN World they start constituting The Collection of Inspiring Businesses, which is a group of companies and investments in creativity, content, communication, human development and technology. Each company has its own partners and we really look for the best people, for the best impact and results for all the stakeholders.

The future is unknown, but what's there more exciting than that? For now we have a vision and a strategy, but in such an uncertain and unpredictable world, our commitment goes far to the ability to feel the growing needs, the capacity to create and implement distinct solutions, the willingness to keep up with time and to be always prepared for the next challenge and problem to solve.

To all of us involved in this project, to our families and teams, clients and partners, I wish that we all continue to feed the courageous, curious, positive and creative spirit that defines us, which combined with the focus and determination to open new paths can lead us to grow individually and collectively. I really believe that together is better, together we up the game up, together we think ahead, embrace beauty, move on and do great.


Carlota Ribeiro Ferreira

Founder and CEO, The Collection of Inspiring Businesses

In addition to these businesses, there are some small investments or collaborations with companies that matter – in video corporate training; AI applied to video content; performance tech; real estate and lovely living.

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    Inspired and moved by the mission ‘think forward, embrace beauty, move on and do great’, there is an important founding commitment set from day one to The Collection of Inspiring Businesses – a part of results is donated to United Nations agencies and programs and also to tree plantation and forest management projects.

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